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Family of Reporting Standard S.L. XBRL processors and XBRL API version 3.3.1.

Package Description
Provides the implementation of the Edgar Filer Manual validation add-in This package contains the implementation of the Edgar Filer Manual validation engine according with the rules defined by the U.S.
Provides classes for the specific error messages for the the implementation of the Edgar Filer Manual validation add-in This package is part of the implementation of the Edgar Filer Manual Created: 15/05/2011
Provides the classes necessary to compare two DTSs and obtain the differences according to the XVS specification.
Common root classes used by applications that require access to XBRL information stored into the database.
Provides supporting classes to access the result of queries using pagination Pagination allows to retrieve just a small set of records, a page is a set of records.
Provides the classes necessary to load data from an instance document to any possible data target.
Provides implementations of different drivers for data loading Loader drivers responds to loading events and store the information in the target format.
Provides the classes necessary in order to initialize the XBRL Java library in the .net environment From a .net application it is required to do a call to com.ihr.xbrl.dotnet.InitDotNet.Initialize() before the XBRL library XBRLJLIB-2.0.DLL is used.
Provides the classes necessary to investigate the content of a DTS.
This package contains interfaces and classes in order to allow classes in the API for the following functionality: Store events like the event to create a fact item by the Excel Driver and store useful information such as the excel sheet and cell the data is coming from.
Provides the classes necessary to identify a fact in an instance document by all the properties the element could be uniquely identified.
Provides the classes to implement a plug in processor for XBRL information and execute XQuery formulas defined in XBRL Linkbases The content of this package is the processor and the required classes to compile and execute formulas written in the XQuery language from the W3C.
Provides basic classes necessary to interact with the user.
Provides dialogs to let the user identify jar files with drivers to connect to the database or user classes to store into the XBRL Database.
Provides the interfaces for the common operations that require user interface and are implemented in applications.
Provides interfaces to open a dialog to allow the user to identify a jar package that contains extension classes to different parts of the XBRL API.
Provides the classes necessary access to content in whatever format and create an XBRL Instance document This package contains the MapEngine and Mappers that uses a configuration file with an Instance template.
Provides the classes necessary to filter the content of instance documents Filtering of facts in an instance document may be used for formula processing or for data loading by a driver.
Provides implementations of drivers to obtain data from multiple sources in order to create an XBRL Instance Some of the drivers collects data from a web form or from an excel file.
This package contains the root class for the mapper XBRL drivers that obtains information from spreadsheets, Excel and Google sheets are currently implemented.
Provides the classes necessary to start processing XBRL information.
This package contains classes to implement an Application Properties processor.
Provides classes to process aspects in the DTS.
Provides the classes necessary to produce and process XBRL related errors There are two error categories.
Provides the classes necessary to process, read and write XBRL Linkbases and XBRL Extended links.
Provides the classes necessary to implement a plug in XBRL processor for validation of docuents and taxonomies according to the XBRL formula specification 1.0 At this stage the package is just created.
Provides the classes necessary for implementing all XPath2 functions defined in the XFI functions library.
Contains classes than can be reused from XFI functions and other classes in the API that requires the same functionality but without the overhead of being an XFI function with parameters
Provides the classes necessary to process, read and write the content of XBRL Instance documents.
This package contains classes and methods to process linked concepts where the target concept data type is a list and the concept source data type is string.
This is a renderhints processor that process resources in linkbases to define render hints that Reporting Standard tools understands
This package contains an object model to work with tables as defined in the XBRL Table specification The current implementation is based on table linkbase PWD The XBRLTableProcessor class
Classes supporting definition nodes
Contains specialized classes for different type of errors defined in the table specification
The layout model represents the content of the table according with section 7 of the specification
This package contains classes related with the table structural model.
Provides the classes necessary to process, write and read XBRL Taxonomy schemas and content of the XBRL Taxonomy Schemas that requires XBRL processing.
Provides classes for handling the Units Registry from XBRL International The Units Registry provides extra validation of elements based on the element data type and the unit assigned by XBRL International in the Units Registry.
Provides the classes necessary to implement a plug in XBRL processor for validation of dimensional instance documents according to the XBRL Dimensions specification 1.0 This package contains two hierarchies of classes.
Provides the classes necessary to produce and process XDT related errors or errors related to the XBRL dimensions specification 1.0 This package mirrors the package in the XBRL 2.1 errors but is specific for the errors defined in the Dimensions Specification.  
Provides the classes necessary to access to the content of a DTS using POJO technology.
Provides a set of POJO classes in order to give friendly names to elements in the XBRL Database.
This package contains classes that are able to do clever but simple things like infer the company name from a specific fact item in the xbrl report.
Provides helper classes to work with Excel documents.
Provides the classes necessary to transform an XBRL Instance document into another XML document implements a JAXP javax.xml.transform.Transformer using a specific XBRL Transformation Language The XBRL Transformation Language allows easy access to the content of a DTS and an XBRL Instance document in order to generate other XML document.
Provides the classes necessary to serialize the generated XML document in the output format.
Provides utility classes with static methods that are used by other classes This is a common container for utilities like resolving relative URIs from two absolute URIs or formatting an XML document to a String...
Contains classes and interfaces to work with Excel Sheets and Google Sheets independently.  
Provides the classes necessary to create or access to the content of a versioning report.
Provides the classes necessary to initialize servlers that will transform data into XBRL This package contains a sample Config class for servlets that generates XBRL from web forms or other sources using the mapper engine
Provides a sample Servlet that generated XBRL from a web form.
contains instructions to generate resources in a generic linkbase with property sets
Contains instruction to implement process flow during the taxonomy generation.
Provides instructions to produce ZIP files with manifests according with RS and XBRL taxonomy package specifications
Provides instructions to generate resources in a generic linkbase to provide rendering hints for the RS render hints processor  
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